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Class Name: Summer 2020: TECHNIQUES FOR MANAGING STRESS and SELF-CARE, 1:30-2:30pm, Tuesday, July 14, Via Zoom; S109:TECHNIQUES FOR MANAGING STRESS and SELF-CARE, 1:30-2:30pm, Tuesday, July 14, Via Zoom
Number of Slots: 100
Openings: 100
Description: Is it as easy for you to 'be stressed out' as it is for you to brush your teeth? Do you experience stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, or depression? Would you love to feel increased calm and contentment each and every day? Just like driving a car or tying your shoes, stress can become a habit. This daily emotional habit is driven by how you think, all of which is under your control. Learn how to be the director of your thoughts -as a part of selfcare- rather than being directed. Join the Nuuaria team for this webinar and learn the science behind stress and how to control your stress instead of letting it control you, cultivating calm and contentment in its place. Instructor Maya Nara , RD is Founder and CEO of Nuuaria Wellness, a center for permanent habit and behavior change that is designed for people who have tried it all, feel overwhelmed, and don’t believe anything else will work for them…BUT they aren’t quite ready to give up. Nuuaria helps people create physical, emotional and relational well-being so that they can live their best life feeling good, happy, healthy and whole. Maya is also a behavioral registered dietitian, the Food and Nutrition Contributor for 3TV Arizona, a writer, speaker, and a student and teacher of human change. She lives the nomad lifestyle and is a lover of all things wine.

Class Schedule:
Tue Jul 14, 20 01:30 PM
ZOOM:zoom room
Categories Assigned to this Class Session:
   Health and Fitness
   Skill Building

Total Cost = $10.00

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Date Times Location
Tuesday July 14, 2020 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM ZOOM:zoom room