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Higdem, Dennis Instructor Dennis Higdem, is an accredited bridge teacher by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL.) He will use various teaching manuals and books to enhance the learning experience. He has extensive experience in teaching bridge, he was the manager of the Minneapolis Bridge Center for two years before becoming a full-time bridge teacher for 13 years. There he taught 15 2-hour classes per week for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. In 2012, Dennis retired and has continued to teach on over 70 cruises. He has plays duplicate bridge at least once a week and has accumulated nearly 1,500 master points. He hopes you’ll find this class both informative and entertaining. Instructor Detailed View
Hlousek, Don Instructor Don Hlousek has placed first in many local pool tournaments and 13th in the 8-Ball in the World Bar Table championships and 17th in 9-Ball and 25th in 10-ball in the BCA National Championships over the past 30 years. Don is a Sun City West resident. Instructor Detailed View
Hochstatter, Janet Instructor Janet Hochstatter’s interest in sheet music interest began years ago when she found the music in her mother’s piano bench was much more appealing than the piano lesson. Moving to Sun City West, she developed a new hobby of finding old sheet music and accompanying the WESTERNAIRES Chorus on the piano. After 13 years she became the choral director and held that position for ten years until she passed the baton in 2015. Instructor Detailed View
Hodgson, Deanne This class is offered through EXPLORE! a program of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West in cooperation with the Foundation of Living Medicine and the Healer Within Foundation. Instructor Deanne Hodgson is a nurse, a minister, a National Senior Trainer at the Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi, a Professional Member of the National Qigong Association, a Tai Chi Easy™, Tai Chi Chih™, Tai Chi for Arthritis and Chi Fitness Instructor and a Master Level Reiki Practitioner. In her Therapeutic Tai Chi (tie chee) and Qigong (cheegong) classes her holistic approach educates, guides and empowers the participants, resulting in reduced stress, maximized personal performance and improved quality of life. When your body needs healing, your mind needs relief from stress or you would like to get in touch with your inner spirit...Deanne’s extensive background in medicine, psychology and theology offer a unique holistic experience. Her vibrant style, grounded energy and sense of humor create space for people to achieve deep personal transformation. Instructor Detailed View
Hooten, Lucas Instructor Lucas Hooten is manager of the Arizona office of GroovyTek. Lucas' vast experience in the world of technology includes time working as a national trainer for Google as well as leading major training initiatives for several international cellular phone corporations. Lucas is a natural born cultivator who lives to train and present, he can answer almost any technology question thrown in his direction and possesses the rare ability to break down technology in simple to understand terms. GroovyTek is a new company committed to serving folks over 40 and provides in-home training services related to using computers, tablets and cell phones. . Instructor Detailed View
Hutchinson, Claire Instructor Claire Hutchinson is multiple award winning screenwriter. Her screenplay about the Nazi euthanasia program, entitled The Doctor won the Grand Prize at two major film festivals. Claire wrote the first MOW of a three-part Christmas series called "The Mystery of the Christmas Stars" for a client, which is under consideration by Hallmark. Recently, Claire wrote “Lucky’s Treasure” for Grace Alone Films. It will be distributed by Pureflix Entertainment (“God’s Not Dead”) in 2016. She has written over 20 scripts in a wide variety of genres and consulted with individuals and film companies including Living Water Media, Visual productions and Worthington Media, receiving rave reviews form her clients. She did a “polishing” job on a script/film entitled the Third Day for Visual productions which was nominated for five Crown awards for Best Documentary, Best International Film and Best Picture. She has also served a judge for several film competitions. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Manitoba, where she also taught English for several years and holds two screenwriting certificates from UCLA. Instructor Detailed View
Janis, Bob Bob Janis Grew up in the Phoenix area where his father was the business manager for a Pontiac dealership. Bob cut his teeth on Pontiacs of the 60's, a very good era for that make. He graduated from ASU and pursued a career in the property and casualty insurance field, specializing in the business insurance arena. Bob retired in 2012 and for a while lived in Meridian Idaho before returning to Arizona and settling in SCW with his wife Nan. Bob enjoys restoring vehicles and has done "frame-off" restorations of a 1967 Firebird, 1958 Chev truck, and a 1969 Chev truck. Instructor Detailed View
Johnson, Loren Instructor Loren Johnson is a “darter”, as he has been playing darts since 1977. He played in leagues for nearly 10 years and then went into competitive tournaments on both singles and doubles teams and is a men’s League Super A champion. Instructor Detailed View
Jones, Larry Instructor Larry Jones has been teaching since 1988 in the Navy as an Engineering Quality Assurance Supervisor and as an Aircraft firefighting instructor at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Washington. After retirement he taught classes to new apprentice machinists on how to build aircraft at Boeing. Larry has been in sales and management of several golf cart companies with expertise in maintaining, building and repairing golf cars in both gas and electric models. Instructor Detailed View
Kaye, Bonnie Bonnie Kaye began her teaching experience at Sun City Grand in the Spring of 09’ where she now substitutes. She currently has permanent classes at Sun City Festival, including Water Aerobics, Cardio Core Strength, Strength, Stretch & Balance, Indoor Cycling and Smart Strength Training. Bonnie is currently a Certified Personal Trainer and also certified in Group Instruction and Indoor Cycling. She believes deeply that a good fitness routine combines cardio, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Instructor Detailed View