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Gasior, Bernadette Instructor Bernadette Gasior, has run seven marathons and earned trophies and medals for countless 5K and 10K races across the country. At 54, she decided to pursue her aspiration to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and to this day, continues to promote and create a healthy support system to her friends and family. She has introduced a higher level of fitness and endurance training to many people, through in home personal and owned and operated the Laveen Fitness Boot Camp, and trained many clients for numerous marathons. Bernadette has recently been certified in Barre and is teaching the EXPLORE! Barre classes beginning in January 2019. Encouraging people to make fitness the most important part of their daily regime for a healthier, longer heart-healthy life is a personal passion and she loves sports, bike riding and making jewelry. Instructor Detailed View
Gerber, Terry Instructor Terry Gerber is the Interpretative Park Ranger at Lake Pleasant and a tri-athlete and avid paddle racer, he formed the Lake Pleasant paddlers. He graduated from ASU in Business Administration. Instructor Detailed View
Goldfarb, Ann Ann Goldfarb, a New York native, spent most of her professional life in education as a teacher, principal and staff developer. Writing has always been integral to her world and her real passion is writing mystery/suspense adventures for young adult audiences. She has seven published novels and written non-fiction for Madavor Media/Jones Publishing. Time travel, the vehicle she embraces, is her hook into historical fiction. Instructor Detailed View
Gratton, Brian Brian Gratton, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of History, Arizona State University. He has published widely on immigration and immigration policy in the United States, Latin America and Europe. He has served as a Fulbright Fellow in Spain (1996) and Ecuador (2002). He was the Director of the Project, "Refuge & Rejection," an online site for work by humanists on refugees. He has also participated extensively in projects with school districts in Arizona, bringing historians into collaboration with teachers and students in public schools. Instructor Detailed View
Harding, Adam Instructor Adam Harding has a BS in Economics from Arizona State University and advanced education in computer systems and website design. He teaches various courses at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) in managing online accounts and managing wealth and risk management. Adam is committed to assisting people to avoid fraud, to keep online communication secure and not fall prey to cybercrime. Instructor Detailed View
Hartnedy, John Instructor John Hartnedy obtained his Master of Theological Studies from the Franciscan School of Theology, a member school of the Graduate Theological Union His Master’s Thesis was on the Philosophy of Nonviolence. He has taught Nonviolence for over 20 years focusing on Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and more recently Malala. Previously he taught at Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix, AZ; worked in low-income housing and recently owned and operated a Super Shuttle franchise. He retired in 2011. Mr. Hartnedy has served as a guest columnist on religion for the Arizona Republic, is published on a news site entitled Talk Out of Turn and maintains his own site entitled Let’s Talk Christian. John regularly publishes articles on this site regarding the ethical concerns of modern issues. John and his wife are avid bikers and the proud owners of a Honda Goldwing. Instructor Detailed View
Hassayampa, Docents Instructor Detailed View
Heiser, Kate Instructor Kate Heiser lived in Delaware where she was involved in the Candlelight Dinner Theatre as an actress and director. After moving to Sedona, she joined the Sedona Community Theatre where she acted and directed numerous productions, including: “Inherit the Wind” as Sarah Bradley and “Steel Magnolias” as Ouiser. In 2000 Kate moved to Sun City Grand, joined the Drama Club and became President of Cabaret Players where she acted, produced, directed, stage managed and did set design. Kate has taught Readers Theatre at Sun City Grand and Sun City West. Instructor Detailed View
Henderson, Chris Chris Henderson is the Vice President of Investments at Wedbush. He is a member of NYSE/FINRA/SIPC. With over 15 years experience in the securities industry, his goal is to help investors regain control of their financial portfolios by providing an inexpensive, easy to understand, rules-based approach to money management supported by years of academic research. In his educational forums, he attempts to dispel investment myths and provide analytical information that is not widely available to individual investors. Instructor Detailed View
Henz, Daniel I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Arizona and a Master’s Degree in Meteorology with a focus on Mesoscale Meteorology and Numerical Weather Predictions from the University of Wisconsin Madison. My previous work experience includes: operational meteorologist with HDR Inc. working on the Urban Drainage Flood Control District Flash Flood Prediction Program in Denver, CO; researcher at the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies in Norman, OK and training developer with the National Weather Service Training Center in Kansas City, MO covering the Community Hydrologic Prediction System. More recently, I joined the Flood Warning Branch of the Flood Control District of Maricopa County in 2011 where I serve as the lead forecaster for the Meteorological Services Program. Outside of work, I am an avid storm spotter/chaser, and tend to spend most of my weekends hiking/trail-running around the state of AZ, while occasionally fitting in a round of golf. Instructor Detailed View