Recreation Centers of Sun City West
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Drohan, Steve Instructor Steve Dorhan started his culinary career owning his own catering business in Los Angeles where he catered to many movie sets and law offices. After moving to Charlotte in 1994 he received his culinary degree in Applied Sciences. He then moved to Palm Springs, CA in 1998 where he opened a restaurant/piano bar, Rainbow Cactus Café and Bar. He was the head chef and owner and sold the restaurant in 2006. Moving to Discovery Bay California (the delta just outside San Francisco) he joined the Discovery Bay Yacht Club and became the head chef there. Throughout that time, he taught cooking classes as well. In 2016 he retired to Sun City Grand and now cooks purely for enjoyment for all his friends. Instructor Detailed View
Dubinbaum, Gail Instructor Detailed View
Duncan, Ken Instructor Ken Duncan is a world renowned native hoop dancer, storyteller and singer. He and his family have performed all over the world, representing the United States and the Apache traditions. Known as Yellow Bird, he has entertained presidents and royalty, for native and non-natives both here and abroad. Instructor Detailed View
DuPonte, Barbara Barbara DuPonte has extensive experience in training and motivational speaking on topics including communication, customer service and instilling mutual respect in the workplace and the community. She has held many leadership roles in the private and public sector, including as a member of the Sun City West Recreation Centers Governing Board. She is a recipient of the City of Phoenix's prestigious City Manager's Excellence Award. Instructor Detailed View
Farrell, Dr. Robert Instructor Robert Farrell, PhD holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University, an MBA from Western New England College and a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and is retired as Associate Professor Emeritus from Penn State University. He believes good science fiction is based in good science. He is intrigued and has researched detailed historic and scientific phenomenon. A prolific writer, all of his books made the Amazon Best Seller’s List in 2012. He has lectured around the US and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. Dr. Farrell is a dynamic lecturer. His fifteen years as a professor has helped him develop a style of communication that is both warm and humorous. He has the ability to convey the most complicated material in terms that the layperson can understand. His lectures not only inform but also entertain and the viewer response has been great. Instructor Detailed View
Farrell, Mary Jo Instructor Mary Jo Farrell holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Since moving to Arizona she has been teaching style classes in the local well as working with individual women. Working in the Boutique Department at Stein Mart, she provides customers with personalized shopping assistance. Mary Jo believes women can add to their self-confidence and power by employing some basic “style” strategies. Weaving together information gleaned from countless books, magazines, the internet and her own trials and tribulations, she has created a fun and fascinating series of classes. Instructor Detailed View
Fischer, PJ P.J. Fischer has been in the healing arts for 40 years. She was both a nurse and then nurse case manager in critical care for 27 years. Before retiring, she started the program for case management in the Emergency Department, becoming one of the first hospital to have the program in NW Illinois. Before leaving nursing s PJ had achieved a Certification in Zero Balancing [another type of acupressure] and had opened a practice in Wisconsin. She does Tai Massage, is a Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner, a Seva teacher a Reiki Master Teacher and has taught patients with respiratory disease Guided Imagery. On a side line she is a Certified Sport Horse Massage Therapist and volunteers to massage injured horses. Instructor Detailed View
Fish, David Instructor David Fish is an Arizona native and loves to travel. He has been working with active seniors through the tourism industry for over 15 years. He was President and is a member of the Activity Directors Association and leads tours for All Aboard America as well as other tour companies. He also has a background in business, dance and computers and enjoys exploring new places. Instructor Detailed View
Ford, Larry Larry (Joe) Ford is a White Tank Regional Park, volunteer from the Sonoran Audubon Society, He leads monthly bird walks and programs at the White Tank, Estrella and Cave Creek Parks and makes a wide range of nature related educational presentation to area senior centers. Instructor Detailed View
Fox, Charlotte Instructor Charlotte Fox’s husband passed unexpectedly when he was just 54 years old. While he and Charlotte had retirement plans, they were not prepared for what would happen if one them passed away. After her husband’s heart attack, Charlotte had difficulty functioning let alone making weighty decisions about important emotional, financial and legal matters. They had no will, no life insurance or any legal documents in place; it took six months to wade through bureaucratic red tape to receive her husband’s pension funds. In response to this shattering experience, Charlotte put together a comprehensive workbook with contributions from attorneys, doctors, nurses, financial planners, funeral home directors, law enforcement and graphic designers. This workbook guides you through the maze that lies ahead when you lose a loved one and can be purchased at the class. Instructor Detailed View