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Class Information for Winter 2018: RE-PACKING YOUR LIFE, 3:00-6:00 pm, Thursday, March 22, Palm Ridge Recreation Center, Acacia Room (8057)


Examining what’s Holding You Down – Tips for Unleashing Your Time, Your Thinking, Your Stuff… and the Life You Want to Lead. You have a dream; you are ready to go. Ever packed for a trip and realized you had way more than you needed to take along? Or, you arrived at your destination and wished you had packed fewer shoes or shirts so that you could take home some mementos. Planning for life’s next act is very similar. You often have to change a few things to get going on your journey. To live the life, you envision, you may need to make new choices so you can lighten the load to savor new beginnings. Assess the places, activities, people and things that may be holding you back. Explore ways to unclutter your life, and pack the bag you need to get started on your life's next adventure.

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