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Class Information for Fall 2016: WHAT’S YOUR NEXT ACT? Renew? Reinvent? Rewire?, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Mondays, November 7 and 21, Kuentz, Multicraft Room #5


We no longer have just one or two acts in our lives, but many. It doesn’t matter whether you are 40, 50 60 or 70, ongoing transition is the new normal. Personal or professional change can be fueled by a desire to Renew yourself by exploring past interests, living a healthier lifestyle or improving your relationships. You may want to Reinvent your role as parent, husband, wife or friend as the result of an empty nest, the loss of a spouse or opportunities that come with relocation to a new home or city. Many people after long years of a life focused on work or career are now eager to look at ways they can Rewire, by targeting opportunities to integrate their personal calling with life-long dreams or to give back to and share their lessons learned with others. This class will give you the process, techniques and post course tools to get started on your new path.

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