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Class Information for Fall 2020: STRENGTHENING YOUR RESILIENCE, 10-11:30am, Tuesday, October 13 , Via Zoom (F104)


The capacity for resilience is the number one factor identified by health professionals to overcome the trauma of any significant disruption in our lives. Very few have escaped the roller coaster of thoughts and feelings as we have jumped from fear to hope, sorrow to joy, or faith to despair over the last few months. As we slowly recover from the ravaging effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on our health, our relationships, our communities, and our economy, resilience will be the wonder drug that will help us more quickly regain our momentum. Now, the future calls upon all of us to step up from our anxiety and the uncertainty to step out to recover part of what is familiar and embrace new thinking, behaviors, and actions. Together we endured the challenge. Now, by understanding what it takes to recover, together, we can retain the best of what we had and what we learned. This workshop will help you and others take practical steps to build on and develop resilience will include useful content, discussion, exercise. and commitments. Instructor Linda Burridge is a certified professional coach, muse, and a catalyst for personal change. She spent 35 years as a facilitator, consultant, and global leader in corporate leadership development. As president of Next Act Solutions, she applies her expertise to help others to grow professionally. Her commitment is to building the vision, connections and actions that can help people successfully navigate transitions that are a part of life’s journey.

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F104 STRENGTHENING YOUR RESILIENCE, 10-11:30am, Tuesday, October 13 Tue Oct 13, 20 10:00 AM
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Linda Burridge $10.00 Registration Open until
10/15/2020 01:13 PM
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