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Class Information for Spring 2020: ART of SHAMANIC JOURNEYING, 9am-Noon, Friday, April 24, Kuentz recreation center, Multi-craft room 5


Learn the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying (no experience required) Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing practice known to humans.You might be interested in Shamanic journeying if you like to learn new things by experiencing them first-hand.Some consider shamanism a form of energy work, helping oneself or others to heal through a form of meditation called a journey. Why Practice Shamanic Journeying? Many practitioners develop a closer spiritual relationship, and some develop more intuition. It often improves a meditation practice, helps one relax more fully, and find deeper answers to problems. The journeyer can tap into an infinite source of energy and knowledge. What Should I Expect in Class? The shaman’s goal is to help a person connect with the world of spirit, assisted by one or more spirits or power animals, to restore one’s power or to retrieve a lost soul. The class is instruction on what journeying is and how to practice it. While journeying, one closes his or her eyes and enters a meditative state, sometimes assisted by darkness, drumming, or rattling. During the journey, one may encounter animals, plants, people or spirits. A journeyer might bring back a helpful spirit guide. A typical journey lasts between 10 to 15 minutes but could be shorter or longer in duration. Finally, the shaman helps the journeyer work through this meditative process and interpret the experience if necessary. This class is a beginner level for people who may be interested but not experienced in journeying. You may also be interested in journeying if you are interested in alternative medicine, crystals, reiki, or meditation. Instructor Lynn Luebben is a former psychotherapist and current Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Certified Mentor, and Instructor in Training. She opened her practice at La Bella Luce, in WI and has expanded to AZ as Heart n Hands Healing. Lynn provides in-person treatments in Healing Touch and other holistic wellness methods. Her treatments help clients improve their mental clarity, increase feelings of peacefulness and happiness, reduce physical pain, and gain relief from stress. She has a MS in Counseling from NSU in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and worked as a psychotherapist, teacher, and school counselor.

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