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Class Information for Fall 2019: KEEPING YOUR BRAIN FIT AND MEMORY SHARP, 1:00-3:00pm, Wednesday, November 20, RH Johnson Lecture Hall (F138)


Discover the keys to brain health. In this educational and entertaining session, you will: Learn which lifestyle practices help maintain brain function; Participate in exercises designed to help maintain and/or improve your cognitive skills; Discover how your brain changes with age and how memory works; Learn easy-to-use strategies for remembering names, information and tasks . Instructor Linda Sasser earned her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado with doctoral research on memory. She taught Cognitive Psychology in both the undergraduate and doctoral programs at Wheaton College, then served as Professor of Education and Cognitive Psychology at Judson University, where she conducted her sabbatical research on brain health. In 2014 she launched her business, Brain and Memory Health, through which she exercises her passion for educating and motivating people on a variety of topics including brain fitness, maximizing memory and productivity, using memory to write memoir, and enhancing emotional intelligence. She is a national speaker, and in 2015 published BE! Brain Enrichment, a curriculum to help people learn about brain health and improve memory and other cognitive skills. In 2019 she published Brain SENSE: A Guide and Workbook to Keep Your Mind and Memory Sharp, which is available on Amazon.

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